Corporate Yoga

Universal Yoga Group offers a range of Yoga training and therapy packages specially designed for corporates. These include Yoga Wellness Workshops... Call 9350070549 to know more

Universal Yoga Studio

A well known Yoga training & therapy group, is coming to East Delhi, after its success in providing training & therapy to Corporates, Armed, Para Military...Visit Our Centre to get more tips

Incredible Yoga Spiritual Retreat

In ancient times, Yoga learning and practice used to take place in Ashrams and Gurukulas (teaching homes) run by saints.... Find out how you can maintain your fitness in 14 mins

About Universal Yoga Group

Universal Yoga Group was set up in the year 2005 as an organization to popularize Yoga, provide scientific Yoga training and therapy, train Yoga teachers and bring the benefits of Yoga as a tool of wellness to the people.

Yoga is a vast subject. Our vision is to provide training in scientific and systematic Yogic techniques culled from ancient and original Vedic texts and oral traditions handed down from Yogic saints through "Guru-Shishya Parampara" to bring the health and wellness benefits to the people. We create awareness about Yoga and its benefits. We provide need-based customized packages with varied contents and durations.

About Founder & Moderator

Founder & ModeratorUniversal Yoga Group is a visionary organization specializing in imparting training in Hath Yoga techniques to...

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